21st Century Orientalism: Portrayal of Arabs in New age of Media

As part of the upcoming National Convention in Anaheim, California, ADC will explore the portrayal of Arabs in the new age of media. The session will explore the issue of Orientalism 40 years after the publication of Edward Said’s landmark book; and will build on the work of the late Dr. Jack Shaheen, the leading authority on this issue. In addition to discussing the portrayal of Arabs, panelists will also examine what we as a community can do to change these portrayals.

Presenting on the session will be Ms. Lorraine Ali, Media and Television Critic with The Los Angeles Times; Ms. Maytha Alhassen, Ph.D., historian, journalist, social justice artist, and mending practitioner; and Mr. Mike Mosallam, Producer, Writer, Director and President of Mike Mosallam Productions. Each of the presenters brings a unique perspective and experiences to the conversation. Bios of the presenters are listed below.

The session will be part of the ADC National Convention, which will be held October 12-13, 2018 in Anaheim, California. This session will be hosted on the afternoon of Saturday October 13. To register for the Convention click here. Registration provides access to all panels, and the Saturday Evening Gala.

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